Meditation Mentorship

Personalized guidance. A knowledgeable teacher who coaches you on the path, giving you the advice you need to go to the next step. Cognitive science knows that attaining top-level mastery requires such feedback.

- Daniel Goleman and Richard J. Davidson, Altered Traits 

Mindfulness Mentorship provides consistent, personalized guidance to experience deep transformation through meditation.

Mentorship is structured around your goals and values, and is supportive for meditators of all levels.

We offer two forms of Mindfulness Mentorship: One-on-One Mindfulness Mentorship and Group Mindfulness Mentorship.

Both One-on-One and Group Mentorship can guide you to:

  • Get to know yourself at the deepest level

  • Move from reading about or understanding the depths of meditation to experiencing them first hand

  • Expand your creativity, intuition, and spontaneous expressiveness

  • Deepen emotional intelligence

  • Deepen your relationships with partners, friends, colleagues, and yourself

  • Undertake the path of classical awakening*


Who is Mentorship for?

Mentorship works best for people who want to grow -- for people committed to themselves and the world we live in, for curious explorers who want spiritual growth without having to check their reasoning at the door, for people who are dedicated to living by values.

Mentorship is a helpful accelerant and support at any stage, whether you're a novice or seasoned practitioner.

If you relate to any of this, Mentorship could be particularly valuable for you:

  • I’ve been practicing for a while and I feel like I’ve reached a plateau. I don’t know what to do next or how to move forward

  • I’m just starting a mindfulness practice. I know I want to go deep, and would love some support in establishing my practice

  • I'm committed to personal growth and want some guidance on how mindfulness can be part of that

  • I want to know and understand myself better, particularly on an emotional level

  • I want to deepen my relationships

  • I want to move towards classical enlightenment*

Who is Mentorship not for?

Mentorship is not for everyone. Most people, even those who meditate, are only interested in some of the effects of meditation. There is nothing wrong with this, but it’s not what mentorship is meant for.

Mentorship may not be a good fit if the following applies to you:

  • You’re perfectly happy with where your meditation practice is now and aren’t interested in expanding your pallet of tools

  • You cannot commit to developing or continuing a regular meditation practice (whether on the cushion or in daily activities)

  • You aren’t interested in exploring the full range of human emotion and don’t want to open up to every part of yourself

  • You are seeking a therapist, life coach or financial advisor. While Mentorship can dip into any of these areas, this is not the core value that Mentorship can provide

  • You are currently experiencing serious psychological difficulties or have stopped taking psychiatric medication against the advice of a psychiatric professional

How it Works:

One-on-One Mindfulness Mentorship

In a nutshell, One-on-One Mindfulness Mentorship provides:

  • One-on-One relationship with Janusz or Rakhel

  • Meet virtually via Skype or FaceTime -- work with us from anywhere

  • 45-minute weekly sessions

  • Lifetime access to our library of guided meditation

  • Access to our exclusive Mindfulness Mentee Facebook group and community

  • Contact with your Mentor between sessions to ask questions or get time-sensitive guidance

  • Two-month minimum commitment

  • Free intro session.

Develop a one-on-one relationship with a Mindfulness Mentor to explore how you can weave practice into every facet of your life, to grow in the directions you want to grow. This one-on-one relationship provides a supportive context for deep exploration. It’s a safe home-base where you can bring the personal insights, victories, challenges, and questions that arise in your practice and your life. Through One-on-One Mindfulness Mentorship you will receive answers to your specific questions, and guidance tailored to the particulars of your practice and life.

Because it’s important for the mentor/mentee relationship to be a good fit, we meet with mentees for a free 30-minute introductory session. In this session we’ll learn more about you and your practice, you can learn more about us and how we work, and we can see if the relationship feels right.

We ask mentees to make a two month minimum commitment to our work together. This ensures you don’t bail on the process before giving it time to bear fruit. One-on-One Mindfulness mentees generally choose to work with us for at least 1-2 years (and often more), which allows us to apply the practice to all aspects of life.

I’m interested in trying it. What now?

Want to learning more and see if you qualify for Mentorship? Let us know a bit about you and we’ll get in touch with more information and next steps.

Group Mindfulness Mentorship

If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.  - African Proverb

In a nutshell, Group Mindfulness Mentorship provides:

  • Meet virtually via Zoom -- work with us from anywhere

  • Led by Janusz or Rakhel

  • Groups of no more than 8 students

  • 1.5 hour, weekly sessions

  • Meet with an ongoing cohort of meditators to develop significant, supportive community.

  • Access to our library of guided meditations while enrolled in Group Mindfulness Mentorship

  • Access to our exclusive Mindfulness Mentee Facebook group and community

  • Peer support from Mentees in your group

Group Mindfulness Mentorship allows you to connect with other practitioners and go through a series of mindfulness themes and practices together. Like One-on-One Mindfulness Mentorship, this offering provides the benefit of a direct relationship with a teacher who can speak to your particular questions and experiences. In Group Mindfulness Mentorship you will be able to explore the added advantage of practicing with a supportive community.

Group Mindfulness Mentorship meets weekly for a 1.5 hour group video call. This gives us time to meditate, connect, ask questions, and get specific guidance for the week. To keep the connections stable and supportive, Group Mentees must commit to at least 3 months of Group Mindfulness Mentorship. People often choose to continue for long periods to receive ongoing support.

I’m interested in trying it. What now?

Interested in checking out Mentorship learning if you’re a good fit? Tell us about you, and we’ll get in touch with info on availability and rates.


It’s central to our mission to support people who might not otherwise have access to deep meditative practices. We also work to create a balance between providing financial support and offerings that make our work sustainable. It is core to our mission to include people who identify as members of groups that have been historically underserved in meditation communities in the United States. This includes people of color, LGBTQ+ folks, differently abled people, and people who don’t experience class privilege.

In keeping with this piece of our mission, we have many free offerings, including writing, guided meditations on Instagram, and more in-depth videos on YouTube.
Additionally, in order to keep Mindfulness Mentorship sustainable and accessible, we offer a limited number of scholarships.  
If the cost of any of our offerings is beyond your means, please feel free to ask if we have scholarship available, or space on our waitlist for sliding-scale spots.
We make a particular effort to support people from the above listed communities who are also pursuing a meditation teaching track. If any of these circumstances apply to you and you could benefit from scholarship apply for One-on-One Mindfulness Mentorship or Group Mindfulness Mentorship and indicate that you’d like to receive scholarship.

* ”Awakening,” “Classical Enlightenment.”
We recognize words like “awakening” and “enlightenment” can sound strange, impractical, or worse, like some mystical schmystical BS. However, current rigorous research is showing that classical awakening experiences are both real and available to people who do the work. Please know we use these words carefully and we feel that no one needs to exit the realm of critical reasoning to have the experiences described by these words.

We also know that there are schools of meditation that feel people should not talk openly about classical awakening to avoid creating ego-based striving or unrealistic expectation. These traditions reserve this topic for one-on-one conversations with advanced students. Our experience is that this practice of not sharing the teachings on awakening can create lack of understanding of the power of mindfulness and the potential for the practice to change every aspect of our lives. At the same time, we respect the teachings of the traditions that choose not to discuss these topics, and please know that we choose to do so with great care and consideration.

We are also aware that awakening-oriented practices are not for every practitioner. You can experience great growth through meditation even if you never pursue classical awakening. It is more important to process past trauma and work on having skillful relationships with ourselves and others before (or alongside) deciding if you want to pursue awakening. Because the process of awakening necessarily shifts a person’s experience of themselves and their world, which can be disorienting and sometimes disorganizing, it is important to pursue this work from a foundation of emotional and relational stability.

It is exactly for these reasons that we consider it essential for students to work directly with experienced meditation teachers.

I’m interested in trying mentorship. What now?

Interested in checking out Mentorship or learning more? Tell us about you, and we’ll get in touch with info on availability and rates. Click the button that corresponds to what you’re interested in.