About Deep Mindfulness


Meet Rakhel

Rakhel Shapiro has over a decade of dedicated mindfulness practice in the insight meditation and Shinzen Young traditions, including intensive silent retreat practice and work with a one-on-one mentor.

Rakhel’s approach is based on fostering a complete practice, drawing from Shinzen Young’s "four quadrants" of practice: to appreciate self and world, transcend self and world, transform self and world, and express the benefits of practice in our thoughts, words, and actions. She balances an insight/liberation driven focus with cultivation of deep compassion, empowering students with the sensory clarity to transcend unnecessary suffering, and the qualities of heart that nourish an authentic, connected, meaningful life.

In everyday language, this is training in seeing clearly and caring deeply.

Rakhel specializes in one-on-one Meditation Mentorship for emotional and relational intelligence, living by authentic values, growth through a mind-system/parts model, and deep insight practice.

Her work is informed by specialized training in attachment-informed mindfulness practices, Motivational Interviewing, parts work, and the perspective that it is through self acceptance that we change. She creates safe space for mentees to freely and deeply explore themselves and their lives, to simultaneously accept all the parts of themselves exactly as they are and also grow towards their ideals.

Rakhel studies with Shinzen Young. Rakhel is a certified Meditation Mentor through George Haas and JoAnna Harper's Mentor Training and Certification Program at Mettagroup, and a teacher in Shinzen Young’s mindfulness system. She holds a BA with Highest Honors from Vassar College and an MA in clinical psychology from Long Island University - Brooklyn. Rakhel is currently completing the third year of her PhD in clinical psychology.

Meet Janusz

"It is rare to find a mindfulness teacher like Janusz - deep in his practice and community, fluid and clear in his presentation, personable and intimate in delivery, open to feedback, and with a number of perspectives that they bring to bear... I have only enthusiasm backed by experience to share in regards to his wisdom, integrity, and delivery."  

 - Shinzen Young - Author, The Science of Enlightenment.

Janusz Welin is Co-Founder of the Deep Mindfulness Collective, dedicated to making industrial strength mindfulness available to all. Janusz specializes in mindfulness for creativity, personal and group emotional intelligence, and guiding people along the path of classical awakening. They are also supportive of the many ways meditation can facilitate social justice work. Janusz works with groups and one-on-one with students as well as with individuals and organizations to develop mindfulness curriculum.

Janusz grew up on a small hippy farm in Rhode Island and began meditating at 13 years old (Zen and mindfulness) and has over a decade of dedicated meditation practice in the insight (Vipassana) meditation tradition. They received two degrees in fine art from Maryland Institute College of Art, specializing in conceptual sculpture and immersive installation. This love of meditation and experimental artwork impacted Janusz's teaching and interest in creating immersive meditative experiences that move practitioners towards non-self and flow, and help students deconstruct and reconstruct their experience of self and world.

Janusz has completed over 1,000 hours of formal teacher training in the Buddhist and secular mindfulness traditions and is empowered to teach through the Spirit Rock and Shinzen Young’s Mindfulness system, and an empowered Meditation Mentor. They have taught meditation at Vassar College, Columbia University as well as at Fortune 100 companies. Janusz has co-taught residential retreats internationally alongside meditation master Shinzen Young and has trained with Sayadaw U Tejaniya, Shinzen Young, George Haas, Gina Sharpe, Larry Yang, Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzburg, and Tara Brach.