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Janusz on Shinzen's Home Practice Program: Creativity of Mindfulness

Where do my best ideas come from? How can I be more creative in all aspects of my life? Can I use mindfulness to catch lightning in a bottle and develop the creative muscle? The good news is that, like many skills, we can train creativity and the mind's tendency to solve problems creatively. In this session we will explore a number ways to do these through standard Shinzen techniques (Auto Move) as well as a number of special practices such as Don't Know Mind and Auto Write. You don't need to be an artist, dancer, writer etc. to participate, but if you do have a creative practice, there will be instruction about how to practice your form using these techniques. While this session is open to all, it will be easier for those who have a familiarity with See/ Hear/ Feel as well as Rest meditation in See Hear Feel In and Out. 

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