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Home Practice Program: Expansion and Contraction

Rakhel is subbing in for Shinzen for this module of the Home Practice Program, his monthly call-in retreat series. You can call in and participate from anywhere in the world, including your couch :)

In this program, we’ll explore the themes of Expansion and Contraction. On the May and June Home Practice Programs Shinzen shared his current method for working with Expansion and Contraction. This program is an opportunity to experience Rakhel's method for working with Expansion and Contraction. Whether you joined last months' programs and want a chance to continue to explore these themes, or are just joining in this month, this program will guide you to detect and explore the forces of Expansion and Contraction. 

Working with Expansion and Contraction flow is a powerful way to experience impermanence, develop equanimity, and clearly contact the formless perfection that precedes, follows, and pervades each sensory experience. This technique is an effective strategy both for liberation, and for coming to a place of increased fulfillment and decreased suffering in relation to the sensations of everyday life, and can reveal how these two aims can be one.

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