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Home Practice Program: Equanimity - The Catalyst of Peace

Janusz is subbing in for Shinzen for this module of the Home Practice Program, his monthly call-in retreat series. You can call in and participate from anywhere in the world, including your couch :)

Like many of the skills of mindfulness, equanimity has numerous facets. It can be experienced simply as having acceptance about a situation, and can cut so deep that pain no longer affects us and we can meditate for days. But whatever level we approach it from, equanimity can have a cooling effect on a difficult practice or help us experience our world with less friction. In this program, we will explore the flavor of equanimity and see how this skill can accelerate our growth and catalyze the enlightenment process. This program is suitable for adventurous beginners and experienced meditators alike.

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Later Event: August 29
Janusz at The Path