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Is Enlightenment a Myth? - Janusz Welin at MNDFL

Join us for an event covering how “classical awakening,” a.k.a. enlightenment, is a transformative toolkit that is available to anyone who knows where to look. Mindfulness as we know it today came out of a pressure cooker caused by ancient traditions clashing with modern colonialism and is bigger than just stress relief (although it’s good for that too). We’re talking non-self, emptiness and “stream entry” into waking up to our human potential.

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Home Practice Program: Labyrinth of the Mind - See In Intensive

The mind is almost always sculpting and shaping our sensory experience through our mapping and imaging functions. In Shinzen’s system this is called See In (mental visual activation). In most mindfulness systems, See In is one of the less frequently explored areas of the mind, yet its potential impact is significant. This category of sensory experience touches almost every part of our perception and interaction with the world. Our sense of inside and outside, self and other, size, shape and location, even our sense of time, are all structurally dependent on See In.

Developing this skill can be a powerful accelerant to any meditation goals including classical awakening.

In this session we will dive deep into this sometimes elusive and seemingly simple experience to uncover the depth and range of the complex architecture of See In.

This is a call-in retreat-style program led by Janusz Welin. Register here for this and other great modules over the course of the weekend.

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